Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night is Coming to Tap It

Let’s start this off with a few questions. Ready?
  1. Elton John’s tiny dancer was a blue jean baby and an LA Lady. What was her job for the band?
  2. A cowboy puts a notch in his gun. Where does Pat Benatar put hers in “Hit Me With Your Best Shot?”
  3. Jewel “never leaves WHAT on the floor anymore” because “dreams last so long, even after you’re gone.”

Personally, I didn’t know any of those answers. Well, not before I scrolled down on the Geeks Who Drink sample quiz webpage and found them… Now I feel like a genius and will definitely be bringing up these questions in every conversation I have for the rest of the day.

Turns out the Geeks Who Drink Quiz Masters really do know their stuff. A couple of weekends ago, we hosted an audition in the tasting room to find out who is going to be the Tap It Brewing Quiz Master. The task was simple enough; go up in front of everyone in the room (personally my worst nightmare) and ask 5-6 prepared questions. Every auditionee did a fantastic job but after some deliberation, we found the perfect fit.

With that being said, I’d like to officially present Logan Ferry as Tap It’s Quiz Master! Logan was born and raised on the Central Coast and has always loved performing. When asked why he auditioned for GWD, he responded, “Making people laugh is so important to me and getting to help people escape the normal day to day for just a bit is what I live for”. Well we’re certainly excited to have Logan brighten our day every Wednesday starting March 9 at 6 pm for 2 hours of trivia!

Also, I won’t completely leave you hanging; to get the answers to the opening questions, click here!

See you Wednesday!


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