Beer Release Calendar

2017 Tap It Beer Release CalendarSave

We have a wide variety of releases planned for this year, so if you’re looking to find out when your favorite specialty is coming out check it out below. We’ll update this if new brews are added or if any dates

We’ll keep this page updated if any new beers are added, names changed, or brew/availability dates change.

Last Updated: 8/16/2017

Flagship Core Beers:

Beers that are brewed throughout the year and available year round in both draft & bottles.


Creative Series:

Brewed & available for a limited time, see below for details. Available on draft & 22oz bottles unless indicated as draft only. All brew dates subject to change.


  • Brewed: January, August, September
  • Available: January – March, August – November


Haze Faze IPA*

  • Brewed: January, July
  • Available: January – March, July – September


No Soul

  • Brewed: February
  • Available: February – June


Three on the Tree

  • Brewed: April, November
  • Available: April – June, November – January


Big Ol’ Amarillo*

  • Brewed: April
  • Available: April – June


Helles Bueno – Keller Helles*

  • Brewed: June, August
  • Available: June – October, August – December


Mango Tiger Imperial IPA

  • Brewed: June
  • Available: June – August


Tepachi Weisse*

  • Brewed: July
  • Available: July – November



  • Brewed: July
  • Available: July – November


Pale ‘N Juicy *

  • Brewed: March
  • Available: March – June


Wheat Vine

  • Brewed: August
  • Available: August – August ‘18


Citra Sour

  • Brewed: September
  • Available: September – December


*Draft Only


Limited Releases:

Annual releases that age well and are available year round or until sold out. All brew dates subject to change.

Father Time

  • Brewed: January
  • Available: January – January ‘18


Café Noir

  • Brewed: October
  • Available: October – October ‘18



  • Brewed: November
  • Available: November – November ‘18